As any photographer will tell you, the location, outfits, lighting, colors, and props can all make your photo's go from okay to amazing with just a few creative touches.  Most parents buy new clothes for their children before a photo shoot which is where I come in to save you money, time and energy in trying to think up the perfect look for your kiddo.  Let me help you....

What do I do? I provide you, your family or your little one(s) with outfits and accessories that will truly bring your images to life.  I work with you in choosing looks that fit the overall feel of your photoshoot and am with you and your photographer on the day of your shoot to assist in making sure each cuff, hat tilt, rolled pant leg, bow tie, scarf, are just right. I have loads of experience in working with kids in a wide array of settings and trust me, more than anything, we'll have a plain ol' good time.

Rates vary per project.  I'm happy to discuss your needs with you and come up with a price that works best for everyone.  Please contact me for additional information- 

*Available for travel.